Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ipad and other wants

I love Apple. The company, not the fruit. Well I love the fruit as well. Anyways. If I had cash I would own one of each item they sell. I love them all!

Currently I have an Ipod Nano and a Macbook. Woo hoo!

but this new Ipad made me think. Hmmm. Would I want one? Well of course I would. Its pretty! But in actuality, I would not be their target audience. It would just be to many things to carry when I travel.

I travel some for work. Mainly by car- but that means 3-4 hotels a month. I get really bored in hotels. Most of the time, I watch TV on my computer (or the food network when its on in the hotel!). But sometimes the hotels have paid internet. Um, 15 bucks for one night of internet? No thanks. So an Ipad would be a perfect alternative. Download some movies, connect to the network. Etc. BUT! I could get an ipod touch and it would be everything I would need. Or, we could switch cell phone companies and get an Iphone.

If I got an Ipad, here is what would be in my computer bag or pockets:
1. My blackberry- much needed 24-7.
2. Ipod Nano- I love listening to podcast while driving
3. Work computer- needed to enter orders at night or have access to work programs.
4. Ipad

So I would begin to be weighed down and break my back!

Here is my ideal computer bag arraingement:
1. Iphone- gets rid of Ipod nano, blackberry, and something like the Ipad.
2. Work computer.

Simple and easy. Cost savings? Well, if you add in purchasing an ipod touch or an ipad- it might be cheaper in the long run. But it would mean switching from a great cell phone plan with SPRINT to a less than ideal cell plan with AT&T that is more expensive. Bummer.

What I will probably purchase next would be an ipod Touch once my ipod nano goes (its looking a little beat up).

I loved the post on the Ipad by 20smoney. Inspired my own thoughts.

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